My Current Excel Diet Chart

The following is the text and chart generated from Alec Berg's ExcelDiet Spreadsheet.

You have been on the Excel Diet for 820 days which is 117.1 weeks or 27.0 months and have lost 19.60 pounds.

You started at 182 and currently weigh 162.4 lbs. which is a weight loss of 10.8%. Your highest weight was 185.6 and you're down 23.2 lbs. from there. Your target after today is to weigh 155.80. Your target can be less than your goal of 160 to make sure you have a cushion to stay below the goal. You are behind your target weight by 6.60 pounds and behind your goal by 2.40 pounds.

Today, you must watch what you eat and make sure to exercise to catch up to your target. Below is a chart of your progress. The chart and this text are created by using the spreadsheet and just entering your weight each day, and changing your diet and exercise regimen depending where you stand.