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What to do if I'm out for drinks?

If you're ahead of your goal, enjoy. If you're behind your goal, limit your alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is detrimental to any diet. This is due to the extra calories and the reduction of your willpower.

Of course, if you?re ahead of your daily weight goal this doesn?t apply. Try to avoid drinking when you?re behind and never go drinking two consecutive nights.

There were times when I was behind my goal and had a drink or two. My preferred drink was Merlot, red wine.  At least you get some health benefits from it.

I would also make sure to not eat any carbs.

But sometimes you?ll have a bad day when behind your goal. Accept this and get back on track the next day. There?s no hard and fast rule here. Use your scale and your daily goal weight to tell you what to do.

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