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Do I need Excel to use the Excel Diet?

No, Excel isn't needed to do the Excel Diet but is helpful. We are working on a non-Excel version. You can send us an email and we will contact you when it's available.

You can use Excel compatible software which can be downloaded from OpenOffice.org

Or you can create a paper based version.

Create 4 columns on a piece of paper like below.
  • Enter the dates down column 1
  • Enter your starting weight in column 2
  • Calculate the target weight by subtracting 0.15 for first two days of week and 0.14 the remaining 5 days which comes out to a pound a week. Repeat for each week and enter your weight each day
  • Optionally enter notes in the Notes column of what you ate and the exercise you did
  • Each day upon awakening, enter your weight in the weight column.
  • Compare your weight to your goal and eat less exercise more if behind, and eat more exercise less if ahead

    8/26180 First day
    8/27 179.85 
    8/28 179.70 
    8/29 179.56 
    8/30 179.42 
    8/31 179.28 
    9/01 179.14 
    9/02 179.00 
    9/03 178.85 
    9/04 178.70 
    9/05 178.56 
    9/06 178.42 
    9/07 178.28 
    9/08 178.14 
    9/09 177.00

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